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Each month, we highlight the individuality, character and charm of Forsyth, the place we call home. But don’t just take our word for it! This month in honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked area locals to share with us why they love Forsyth. What better way to showcase the sense of love that fills the town than to feature some familiar faces who admire Forsyth just as much as we do? Locals cherish the city for its never-ending ability to feel like home. Business owners, employees and families recognize the charm exuding from the caring, invested community that fills our city limits. So, let’s discover what it is that makes life so sweet in Forsyth!


Local Historian Ralph Bass stands by the sign for the Monroe County Historical Society Museum making a heart with his hands
Local Historian Ralph Bass

“I love Forsyth because its history is so accessible in its courthouse records and the files in its historical society, to say nothing of the ever-present reminder of its past in its homes, churches, schools, cemeteries, and businesses.”
—Ralph Bass, vice president of the Monroe County Historical Society and our local historian


Abbie Bunn, a Tift College alumna, stands in front of a Visit Forsyth sign making a heart with her hands
Abbie Bunn, a Tift College alumna

“Forsyth is a great place to raise a family with a rural feel. A diverse community, great schools, local activities, but also close enough for other opportunities without being in the hustle and bustle of a larger town.”
—Abbie Bunn, a Tift College alumna and retired 4-H program assistant


Monroe County Employee Ariyl Fuentes makes a heart with her hands outside the door of the Monroe County Office Building
Ariyl Fuentes, Monroe County Zoning Assistant

“When my family and I moved here in 2007, it was like moving into a little town you saw in a Hallmark movie. I got a job on the square to get to know the people. That was the best decision. Everyone was so inviting and kind. Through the years, this town has gathered around my family through joy and tragedy. I love the dances on the square and the festivals. Even walking through Walmart or Ingles, it’s like being with family; someone is always asking, “How are you and the family?” “Need anything?” I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. This is my “No Place like Home.”
—Ariyl Fuentes, the current zoning assistant for Monroe County, Georgia


Life-long Forsyth Resident Dulcie Whitaker,  who is active in the 1823 Artisan Guild, stands in front of a window she painted at the Forsyth Welcome Center making a heart with her hands
Dulcie Harbuck Whitaker, of the 1823 Artisan Guild (she painted this lovely Welcome Center window!)

“It is home! I grew up here, left to live in the big city of Macon but always knew I would come back. All my family is here so that is why I say, ‘it is home!'”
—Dulcie Harbuck Whitaker, a lifelong resident, active in the 1823 Artisan Guild


Sam Patel, owner of Forsyth Travelodge, stands in front of a wood panel lodge and makes a heart with his hands
Sam Patel, owner of Forsyth Travelodge

“I fell in love with the area when I moved here in 2008 to attend Mercer University and study electrical engineering. After graduating, I worked as an engineer at Robins Air Force Base. When the hotel became available in 2016, we invested. Forsyth is a great community in which to do business and raise a family. The people here are easy to talk to and always ready to help.”
—Sam Patel, owner of Forsyth Travelodge


Forsyth CVB Assistant Chelsea Kerr stands on the square in front of the Rose Theater making a heart with her hands
Chelsea Bunn Kerr, Forsyth Convention & Visitors Bureau Staff

“For me, Forsyth will always be home. The town where I was raised and where my love of theater and performing took shape, thanks to parents and a community who encouraged me every step of the way. That same love followed me all through school and college and even into adulthood when I became the first person to get married at the Rose Theater in 2008.”
—Chelsea Bunn Kerr, works for the Forsyth Convention & Visitors Bureau


We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Whether it’s a milestone like being the first ever to tie the knot in the Rose Theatre or your love for exploring the town’s rich history, there is something unique to Forsyth that each resident holds close to their heart. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of big-city living here in Forsyth.

What makes you so fond of Forsyth? Is it the community, the events and festivals, the rich history, the outdoors? Share with us using #ILoveForsyth and flaunt some of your Forsyth favorites!