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No matter what brings you to Forsyth, one of the most pressing questions during your stay with us is often, “Where are we going to eat?” We get it! There are so many tempting options it can absolutely be overwhelming to choose. And we know you can look up menus online or grab one when you’re out and about. Still, we thought we would go the extra mile and get some recommendations straight from the kitchens of some of our beloved eateries. 

Below, you will find suggestions, memories and heartwarming stories from owners, managers and chefs. We hope that this insider glimpse will guide you to your next unforgettable dining experience, 


Old Mill Market Co

Cinnamon Rolls Old Mill Market Co Forsyth
Photo Credit: Old Mill Market Co

I think everyone needs to try our homemade cinnamon rolls. This is a recipe that has been handed down by my grandmother. I remember those piping hot giant cinnamon rolls swimming in icing at my grandparents’ house on Saturday mornings. They are quite the treat and taste like home. – Katie Rowland (Owner)


Fox City Brewing Co.

Fox City Brewing Public Safety IPA
Photo Credit: Fox City Brewing

Everyone should try Public Safety, a drinkable tribute to the brave men and women who train and serve as Georgia’s first responders. This IPA is brewed with passion fruit and citrus hops, giving it a juicy and refreshing flavor. The moderate bitterness and smooth finish make it easy to drink and enjoy. Whether you’re celebrating a heroic act or just relaxing after a long day, Public Safety is the perfect choice for you.  – Lauren Dampier (Marketing Director)


Whistle Stop Café

Buttermilk Pie from Whistle Stop Cafe
Photo Credit: Taylor Alexandria

When people visit Whistle Stop Café in Juliette, they can’t wait to try the world-famous Fried Green Tomatoes. But one cannot overlook the fan favorite on the dessert menu! Our Buttermilk Pie is a hidden gem that customers rave about! It’s a sweet, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth slice of heaven, just about as southern as you can get! It’s the perfect sweet ending to a memorable visit!Elizabeth Bryant (Owner)


Her Majesty Kitchen

Shrimp Po’Boy in Forsyth GA
Photo Credit: Her Majesty Kitchen

Everything on our menu is delicious, but I must recommend the Po’boys!! Being a native New Orleanian, Po’boys have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. They are a staple in New Orleans and come in all types and sizes. The overstuffed fried goodness of a shrimp Po’boy sends me back home to my Grandma’s kitchen table, surrounded by all my cousins, filling her kitchen with laughter. There is a saying where I am from: “There’s nothing that a Po’boy can fix!!”Chef Chelsia Ogletree (Owner)


Hong Kong Palace

Tuna Tataki from Hong Kong Palace
Photo Credit: Hong Kong Palace

With plenty of great choices, including sushi, hibachi, Chinese dishes and wings, we invite everyone to sample our specialties: Tuna Tataki and Jalapeño Poppers. These dishes are made using handcrafted recipes, and our sauces are prepared in-house. Tuna Tataki and Jalapeño Poppers are our signature items, and we have been delighting guests with them at home. Their positive feedback has encouraged us to feature them on our menu.MaryJane Shelton and Marlon Gusto (Owners)


Jonah’s on Johnston

Hand Tossed Pizza in Forsyth Georgia
Photo Credit: Jonah’s on Johnston

Guests will be delighted by any of our pizzas! They are each prepared to order with dough made fresh daily, hand-stretched and tossed and topped with only the best homemade sauces, quality cheeses and the best meats and freshest produce. I work very hard to ensure only the best ingredients are used when making our pizzas (and calzones).  – Laurie Thomas (Owner)


El Tejado

California Quesadilla from El Tejado
Photo Credit: El Tejado

Everyone needs to try the California Quesadilla- A large flour tortilla stuffed with grilled chicken, cheese, onion, bell pepper and spinach. Then, it is folded over, topped with cheese dip and cooked in the oven. The quesadilla has its origins in Colonial Mexico. Though quesadillas have evolved over the generations, they are a favorite, no matter what unique twists and flavors are added.Irma Peña (Owner)


Sol Tacos and Tequila

Al Pastor Tacos
Photo Credit: Sol Tacos and Tequila

Anyone who comes to Sol should absolutely try our Al Pastor Taco: Marinated & chopped pork shoulder with savory grilled pineapple. We brought this to our menu because of our unforgettable memories of ordering these from the street vendors at the beach in our home state of Tamaulipas. Every time we eat one, it feels like we’re back in the sand and under the sun with a cold Victoria beer!Lucio Castillo (Owner)


Queen Bee Coffee Co.

Iced Coffee and hot coffee in Forsyth
Photo Credit: Queen Bee Coffee Co

Queen Bee Coffee Company is the home of the Panama Joe. It is our signature iced coffee and by far our most popular drink in the cafe. We combine our meticulously roasted beans with vanilla mousse, caramel and island rum flavors and let it marinate for 24 hours. Then, we cold brew the coffee for 24 hours, creating a concentrate. Using our secret recipe, we add just the right amount of sweetness and cream for an unforgettable drink experience. It still makes me giggle to think that people ask for our “invention” by name and order it by the gallon!Alicia Hodges (Owner)